Loofah hand made soap
Grey formal face mask
Navy blue lace face mask
3 layered sage green face mask
Longpi Clay Pottery - Bowl
Set of longpi clay tea cups
Longpi Clay Pottery - Beer Mug
Longpi Clay- Kettle

Longpi Clay- Kettle


Medzifruit -Pineapple 850gm
Naga art- Table calender  2021

Pickles & Delicacies


Customer Reviews

Maria 25/03/2020

Exotic Delights Zanthoxylum Dried Leaves: Good product - leaves are well handled, scent of the leaves as it should be. ..

James Singh 10/03/2020

Turn Your First Five Minutes Into Your Power Minute : I Thank you for the book on Daily devotionals...I'm sure this would sensitize one on the need to fashion one's life on the Word of God on a daily basis. It's encouraging that the author of this book is a local girl whose relationship with the Lord had yielded this treasure trove that is open to all who are willing and obedient...