Advertise On ilandlo


Online ads can be a handly tool to make your brand and products stand out. Targeting right customers in promoting products and services through online poster ads. 

This advertising service can be beneficial for:

1. Business owners without a webpage or a website.

2. Service providers who wants to engage more customers to use their services.

3. Business enterprise with hardware solutions, building solutions, event hosting solutions, marketing solutions etc. 

4. Promoters of various products or brands.

INSERT IN OUR PARCELS                                                                    

Every months we Ship thousands of products all across the country. This is a great opportunity for small and medium brands, specially from Northeast region to make its presence felt across India when customers open their orders in their houses, they would get to see your ads or samples.

We provide this service in three variants











Max 10x7 inches

Rs. 1 per insert

(Min purchase of 20,000 inserts)

Flyers with description of products and company information.



Max 50 gms

Rs. 3 per insert

(Min purchase of 10,000 Samples)

Physical Product samples in small pouches.



Max 10x7 inches

Rs. 1 per insert

(Min purchase of 20,000 inserts)

Valid coupons that can be used for purchase in a store.