Bamboo Shoot Contains low fat and balances cholesterol level, high in dietary fiber and carbohydrates. It controls blood pressure, anti-diabetic, reduce obesity and maintains hemogolbin level and boost immune system.


BRAND: Naga Produce

PRODUCT: Bamboo Shoot  Pickle

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo Shoot, Mustard Oil, Salt, Spices, Vinegar

WEIGHT: 200g

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 Here are 7 nutritional benefits of including bamboo shoots in your diet.

  1. Protects you against heart diseases: High in phytonutrients, bamboo shoots are a great way to get phenolic acids into your body. They contain antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce the risk of numerous long-term illness like heart disease.
  2. Low in calories, which helps in losing weight: Bamboo shoots are considered weight-loss friendly. When it comes to calories, it is unbelievable that the presence of fat in them is almost negligible. One cup of bamboo shoots contains about 13 calories and half a gram of fat. This fat consists of both saturated and unsaturated fat. Bamboo shoots are also high in dietary fibre, which aids in digestion and enhances satiety.
  3. Helps in treating stomach disorders: Bamboo shoots as well as bamboo leaves are useful in treating stomach disorders. They also help in relieving intestinal worms and pains.
  4. Treats ulcers: Bamboo shoots, when crushed and consumed in the form of juice, can easily deal with ulcers.
  5. Wound cleanser: Bamboo shoots are also used for cleaning wounds and sores and known to immediately work on physical cuts and injuries.
  6. Possible cure for poisoning: In Ayurvedic science, bamboo shoot extracts contain anti-venomous qualities which are beneficial in treating snake and scorpion bites.
  7. Fights cancer: Scientific studies carried out on bamboos have time and again revealed that the leaves of the bamboos contain amylase as well as chlorophyll which are helpful in managing mutations as well as cancer.
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Bamboo Shoot Pickle 200g Naga Produce

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