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Author - Yansathung M Ezung 

The Journey of life as we know is not one stop ride. It is also not the cosiest or the easiest of journeys. Along the way it can get really convoluted. Many a time one is left with more questions than answers. It is but an uphill journey halts and challenges along the way. moreover, these battles that come along demand of you to reach your deepest parts and also all of your battles. Many a times, life demands a one versus one battle with you.

So, when the dark night fall upon you, where are you standing? How strong are your foundations ? How are you at you vulnerable worst? Ultimately it all comes down to you how and how prepared you are to stir tragedy and unpreparedness do not make a fine partner.

Through this book the authors aim at equipping the reader with the fundamentals necessary for one march on triumphantly in the battles that one faces in this journey of life. It also seeks to remind the readers the lessons and values which we as a society have discarded or brushed along the way which is needed now, more than ever.

Yansathung M. Ezung, 24 is a BA LLB graduate. He is an avid reader who loves to study various philosophies of life and put them to test. During his free time, you are most likely to catch him on football field or getting smashed at the local MMA gym. He advocates that each one us should seriously ask about what lies after our temporary time here on earth and seek The Ultimate Truth which does not deviate or change when scrutinized upon but gets clearer every time we seek it impartially with all our mind and heart.

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Beating Life At Its Own Game - Yansathung M Ezung

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