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Welcome to Ilandlo Bookshelf, the largest collection of  books by Naga Authors at one place. Books on society and culture, folktales of Nagaland, poetry , prose and fiction by popular authors like Easterine Kire, Sentilong Ozukum, Veio Pou, etc and publishers include Heritage Publishing House, Penthrill Publications, Dimapur Publishing Company, Speaking Tiger, Barkweaver, Bookipedia, Woods Publishing House, Zubaan are available.  Academic books related to Arts, Commerce and science streams are also available along. 

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PODS - Pages of deep shit - Pranshoe
Khanshoulitshou - Changson Chang
APHULOMI NU - Kakiye Yehato Swu
A Dimond of Dust - A Anato Swu
Living Adults Lives Wapongmar Imsong

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Sentilong Ozukum's Best Seller (Four Books )
Daily Grace by A. Lumtsala Sangtam
The Stubborn Heart - Wedekhro Naro
Alphabet Poem - Sofia Livimi SWU
Serendipity - Elongshila Jamir
The Waiting- Renthunglo Shitiri
Saying Goodbyes- Renthunglo Shitiri

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Of Daffodils and Stormy Days - Temsuienla Jamir

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The White Book - Varening Konghay

The White Book - Varening Konghay

Rs.499.00 Rs.690.00

The Hayseed Boy - Chumroba J Sangtam
Beloved - Kopelo Krome

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The Case of Longti Village - Sentilong Ozukum
As we know them -The Shishaks
Dear God - Penthrill
AKUPU - Inaholi Assumi
Pink and Grey - Kebana Thou
Glamour Amid Turbulence- K Talitemsu
Mamatetba Kum Tatem School Benjong
Otsu 100 Bongdang - Rev. Imti Imsong
Wild Sunflower

Wild Sunflower


Letters for Strangers - Sentisuba
Total healing- Phuveyi Dozo
Beyond the Line - Awoto Awomi
My Letters To My Daughters
Ao Music Revival 2017 DVD
Tar Nunger Otsu -II
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