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Welcome to Ilandlo Bookshelf, the largest collection of  books by Naga Authors at one place. Books on society and culture, folktales of Nagaland, poetry , prose and fiction by popular authors like Easterine Kire, Sentilong Ozukum, Veio Pou, etc and publishers include Heritage Publishing House, Penthrill Publications, Dimapur Publishing Company, Speaking Tiger, Barkweaver, Bookipedia, Woods Publishing House, Zubaan are available.  Academic books related to Arts, Commerce and science streams are also available along. 

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Somewhere in time- Imrong Aier
Falling in love all over again
The play

The play


Things that grow on us
A lifetime of nostalgia
Seweda- Penthrill publication
The School Of Bullies - Kuzo Kezo
Jump- Abokali Jimomi & Puloto Chishi
Of Dieu and Poesia- Neiko-o Koza
Keeper of Stories by K B Veio Pou
Youth Syndrome - Imtijungla Longchar
Youth Dilemma - Imtijungla Longchar
Echo My Soul - Asenla Yanger Ozukum
Tenyidie Tone-Savio M Meyase
Kumgha - Blessing By Inaholi Asumi
Teacher Man - Sentilong Ozukum
PODS - Pages of deep shit - Pranshoe
Khanshoulitshou - Changson Chang
APHULOMI NU - Kakiye Yehato Swu
Living Adults Lives Wapongmar Imsong
Daily Grace by A. Lumtsala Sangtam
The Stubborn Heart - Wedekhro Naro
Serendipity - Elongshila Jamir
The Waiting- Renthunglo Shitiri
Saying Goodbyes- Renthunglo Shitiri
Becoming the light - Allan Aley
The Hayseed Boy - Chumroba J Sangtam
Beloved - Kopelo Krome
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