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Food Products from the northeast have its own uniqueness in preparing and in taste. Most of the food recipe from the northeast of India are cooked without oil and much fats, which is healthy and can be considered as a low cholesterol food habit. However, the choice for meat never stops as most of the tribal people are non-vegetarian and loves eating meat cooked in their own traditional ways. There is a wide range of food recipes that makes the cuisines of Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Assam, Arunachal, Sikkim and Tripura where all has their own way of using their herbs and veggies in different ways which mostly are grown naturally in their own backyard garden or in their village farms which is provides an organic food system.  

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Beef Pickle 200gm - Deshen
Cinnamon Stick 100gm from Dan
IZA-U Organic Green tea
Kheti Culture Dried Basil 15gm
Organic King Chilli Pickle 100gm
Dry fish pickle 150gm- Deshen
Nagabari Black Tea - Gracias
Naga Mircha Hot Sauce - Roots Agro
Passion Fruit Hot sauce - Roots Agro

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Dry Bamboo shoot from Wokha 250gm- Kheti Culture
Kheti Culture Wild Raw Honey 230g

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Sale! -3%

Sale! -4%

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Kheti Culture  Dry  Zanthoxylum seeds (Michinga seeds) 1Kg

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Dry Bamboo shoot from Wokha 500gm- Kheti Culture

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Dry Bamboo shoot from Wokha 1kg - Kheti Culture
Raw Honey 250gm - Elephant Country

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Likok Pickle - Kheti Culture

Likok Pickle - Kheti Culture

Rs.130.00 Rs.140.00

Sale! -19%

Jaggery 250gm - Kheti Culture
Fermented Eling Fish - Kheti Culture
King Chilly Pickle - Deshen
Chicken Pickle 200gm - Deshen
Pineapple Candy - Pristine Foods
Pristine Foods - Mango Candy
Chicken Pickle 120gm - Deshen
KK Meat Pickle - Chicken Pickle
Spicy Axone - Li Sukhu
Beef Pickle 120gm - Deshen
Pork Pickle 120gm- Deshen
Pork Pickle 200gm- Deshen
Smoked Liver - Li Sukhu
Jamun Candy - Pristine Foods
Jackfruit Powder 200gm - Deshen
Jackfruit Powder 125gm - Deshen
Moringa Powder 150gm - Deshen
Biosash Panch Tulsi Drop, 20 ml

Sale! -3%

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Kheti Culture - Dried Ground Apple
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