Pickles and Delicacies

Get Local Indigenous food from North-East India right at your doorsteps. Ilandlo brings you the taste of tribal kitchens to all over India. Try out the King Chili Bhoot Jholokia selections, Bamboo Shoot, smoked meat, pickles and delicacies that will give you a different level of foodgasm. 

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Foxtail Millet 750gm - Uniq Crop
Ginger pickle 150 gms - Iza-U
Radish Pickle 160 gms - Iza - U
Shirin products - Yongjak pickle
Iza-U Mushroom pickle 150gm
Axone pickle 150 gm -  Iza-U
Iza-U Lemon pickle
Bamboo Shoot Pickle 150gm - Iza-U
Iza-U Fresh King Chilli 150gm
Organic King Chilli Pickle 100gm
Dry fish pickle 150gm- Deshen
Dry Bamboo shoot 1kg - Kheti Culture
King Chilly Pickle - Deshen
Chicken Pickle 180gm - Deshen
Chicken Pickle 120gm - Deshen
KK Meat Pickle - Chicken Pickle
Beef Pickle 120gm - Deshen
Pork Pickle 120gm- Deshen
Pork Pickle 180gm- Deshen
Kheti Culture - Dried Ground Apple
Dry fish pickle 100gm- Deshen
Roasted Soyabean Powder-ZONEE
SHIRIN PRODUCTS - Plum candy 200gm
Techinutsu Homemade Chicken Pickle
Anishi Chutney -  Tsuipu Foods
Axone With Ginger Chutney Blend hub
King Chilli Pickle - SHIRIN PRODUCTS
Techinutsu Homemade Dry Fish Pickle
Stream Harvested Salt Cakes  2 pcs
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