Dried Fruits and Veggies

A collection of fresh/dry fruits and vegetables which will be packed freshly picked from the local framers where all the vegetables are naturally grown and chemical free. These vegetable might not look very attractive like the chemically treated vegetables in the supermarket, however they would possess the rich nutrients and taste of a naturally grown fruit or vegetable. All the orders are carried out in a process where after receiving the order, the veggies will be collected from the local farmers and washed and cleaned for packaging and then ship for delivery the same day. Non of the fresh vegetables are stored or kept on freezer or vacuumed packed, however, the processed is made to deliver the product in express transport. To avoid any delays, customers are requested not to select any of this category items for Cash on Delivery, as it will take extra two days for our courier partners to delivery, which increases the risk of getting the vegetables spoiled. 

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