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Machete or locally called as dao in local dialect is a very useful tool found in every Naga house for chopping meat, wood cutting, cleaning jungles, handicrafts work and for various other heavy duty work. Nagas have a tradition of keeping many daos at their houses for many purposes and is also used as an honour gift for various special occasions to guest and special people.  

Before Christianity, when Nagas were still practising head hunting, dao was the main lethal weapon used during wars for head hunting. Thus, in most of the Naga men traditional shawls and attires one will always see the symbolic print or embroidery of daos. It's a symbol of bravery and honour given to men on their traditional attires. 

It's mainly made of strong iron of about 1 feet long, and the handle is made of the based of the bamboo stick. The iron is heated and hammered into the bamboo stick and then fastened with iron or steel strings to tighten the iron rod. It's a tool that has been attached with the Nagas for generation and it's by the culture that every Naga knows how to use a dao. 

Measurements -
  • Handle 17.5cm
  • Blade - 30cm

  • Heat treated steel wood cleaver designed for heavy duty chopping.
  • Not safe for Dishwasher 

Disclaimer -  The size of the blade and the design and shape of the handles will differ and is work of hands so no accurate shape and design.

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Heavy Duty Crafted Big Knife with bamboo handle - Indigi Craft

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  • Heavy Duty Crafted Big Knife with bamboo handle - Indigi Craft
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