Inla's Genesis

Inla's Genesis to me is Freedom says Aienla Longkumer, brainchild of the accessory brand. Like the meaning of Genesis- the beginning or origin, she wants to create and explore the world of accessories. It all started as a hobby, living in the city where all the raw materials where easily available. She used to make for herself, her friends and colleagues at work who then started asking her to make for them and slowly Inla's Genesis was born out of the blue. 

For her accessories, she doesn’t follow a set design or color but rather incorporates bold, unique, simple and sometimes crazy designs. She dabbles with different designs and creates designs fit for everyone who loves accessories. Finding happiness in even the smallest of things inspires her to do what she does every day. Her message to the youth is truly an inspiration when she says, “If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done before”

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Inla's Genesis Black and Green Resin Lever Back Earring
Inla's Genesis Black Resin Stud Earring
Inla's Genesis Blue Resin Lever Back Earring
Inla's Genesis Blue Studded Resin Lever Back Earring
Inla's Genesis gold plated Chain earring
Inla's Genesis Orange Ball Hook Earring
Inla's Genesis pearls and carnelian earrings
Inla's Genesis Pink Resin Lever Back Earring
Inla's Genesis Purple Resin Dangle Earring
Inla's Genesis red and white wire wrapped earring
Inla's Genesis Square Resin Hook Earring
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