• Kheti Culture - Dry Axone (Fermented Soya bean) 100g

SELLER: Kheti Culture
PACKED BY: Kheti Culture
WEIGHT: 100g
PRODUCT: Fermented Soyabean
USE: Curry, Chutney
ORIGIN: Nagaland

Homemade Kheti Culture  is made with fermented Soyabeans, which is prepared by boiling the beans and fermenting them under the fire for days, wrapped under leaves. It is an ethnic food item of the Sumi Nagas. This pickle item is a tasty product, with the perfect amount of ginger and mixed with the right amount of chilli with soyabean, with a little moisture to make a ready to eat chutney for a perfect meal. 

* This product is a vegetarian item. 

            ANOTHER SIMPLE RECIPE TO COOK AXONE (Naga style Fermented Soyabean)

            Who doesn’t love axone! There’s just something about this exotic food article that people can’t get enough of.

            ‘Axone’ is the ‘Nagamese’ name for fermented soyabean and it is outrageously delicious.


1.                   1.      Fried chicken with axone

           You will need:

            Chicken (750 grams)

            Vinegar (1 table spoon)

            Axone ( 2 table spoons)

            Green chillies (a handful)

            Tomato (big =1 piece, small = 2 pieces)

            Onion (1 piece)

            Ginger & garlic paste (2 tea spoons)

            Turmeric (1 tea spoon)

            Chilli powder (1 tea spoon)

             Mustard oil (1 table spoon)


              Marinate the chicken in vinegar overnight or for 6 hours

              Add one teaspoon of salt and deep fry the axone in 2 tea spoons of oil. Put it aside for the time being

              Heat your frying pan and pour the mustard oil

              Slice the green chillies and fry them in the oil until they turn slightly brown (be careful not to burn it)

             Add turmeric, ginger & garlic paste and fry them for about half a minute

             Slice the onion and tomato and add them to the pan. Fry this mixture until the tomato melts a gives a smooth texture

             Add the marinated chicken to this mixture

             Add chilli powder and salt. Mix all the ingredients well. Cook for about 15 minutes in medium heat (stir every 5 minutes)

             Add the deep fried axone to the chicken and cook for another 10 minutes

             Your fried chicken in axone is all good to go!

            Have a better recipe? Share with us. Mail us your original recipe and get Rs. 100 ilandlo voucher Free!


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Kheti Culture - Dry Axone (Fermented Soya bean) 100g

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  • Kheti Culture - Dry Axone (Fermented Soya bean) 100g
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