Koinonia Overseas

The company was formed in the year 2010. Our expertise is in flavored teas. We blend wide variety of exquisite teas & flavors for every tea lover. Tea being a healthy product all over the world our endeavor is to select the best from what Mother Nature has to offer. We make it our duty to focus on the humanitarian aspect of life by supporting the weaker members of the society by helping them have a livelihood in whatever ways we can.

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 Black tea Ginger Peach 25 tea bags - Turyaga
Caramel chai Black tea 25TB - Turyaga

Caramel chai Black tea 25TB - Turyaga

Black teas..


Green tea Turmeric ginger citrus 25TB - Turyaga
Tin Ginger Peach flavor black tea 40TB - Turyaga
TURYAGA - Caramel Chai 40Tea Bag TIN
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