Crafting a Symphony of Jewellery
From playing perfect piano notes to crafting minimal, clean and colourful jewellery, Nzano L. Odyuo is woman extraordinaire. As a classical pianist, she taught music in schools, in Maharashtra, for three years and returned home in 2012. She is presently teaching at the Symphony School of Music, Kohima. 

Nzano is not formally trained in jewellery design but her passion for jewellery led her to establish Lorenzas Jewellery, adding another profession to her already busy schedule as a music teacher. Looking at her work, it is quite an astonishing fact that she started making jewellery only about a year ago.

The moniker “Lorenzas” is a combination of four names – Nzano, her mother, and her two sisters. Inspired by her mother, she dedicates “Lorenzas” to her beloved mother, late Loshumlo, who she describes as “a woman so beautiful in and out, with a loving soul”.

As a child, Nzano was interested in collecting jewellery. Her first memory is of her school teacher who used to wear big long earrings. The sight of the shimmery crystals dangling on her teacher’s ears fascinated and distracted Nzano to no end.

Sharing how she started creating jewellery, Nzano recollects how, while browsing through the World Wide Web one fine day, she came across a website that sells jewellery making supplies. Within a week, she had the items on her table. What began as a plan to make a couple of earrings for herself, ended up as around 60 pairs, in just one week! This significant achievement, in turn, encouraged her to take the work more seriously. 

Nzano’s abilities as a designer are both impressive and inspiring. She describes her style of jewellery as versatile, claiming that one can wear it comfortably on any occasion. Every piece of jewellery she makes inspires her to create and craft the next one. She calls it ‘an unending process of modification’.

For this designer, the only difficulty in her line of works is ‘time’, and every now and then, she struggles to balance the two professions. Nevertheless, her passion for mastery and creativity – as an artiste – keeps her moving forward, and she enjoys the balancing act.

Nzano is a true visionary. She believes that jewellery making is a viable profession in Nagaland, with a lucrative market; provided that one is not lazy. Also, for someone who is interested or just getting started, in jewellery design, the best advice the designer offers is to keep the price affordable. No wonder, Lorenzas jewelleries are available at an affordable bracket of Rs 150 to Rs. 550. She adds that nothing comes easy if you want to be successful, “it demands a lot of hard work and dedication since we live in a competitive world”. This tireless perfectionist even feels the need to work harder, saying “I have to be one step ahead of others to reach a decent level.”

Even after her accomplishment as a musician, she does not make the mistake of considering herself as the best. She explains, “I am not the best, because if I am, there won’t be people for me to compete with and there won’t be any room for improvement.”

Being very new in the jewellery designing market, Lorenzas Jewellery does not have an exclusive outlet yet, Nzano’s creations are available at the Connect Studio (Dimapur), Gravity, (Kohima) and Kapraa (Kohima). And for jewellery lovers, fret not for Lorenzas will be on showcase at the upcoming Hornbill Festival. In the words of the designer herself, “new varied designs at affordable prices”.

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