Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps
A collection of Handmade soaps made in Nagaland, infused with blends of organic plants and essential oils, highly beneficial for different skin types. Also includes imported aromatic soaps in different flavors. 

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Saffron Facial Soap - Lishi
Lishi - Citrus Bathing Soap
Shampoo Bar (Oily Scalp) - LISU
Dry Scalp Shampoo Bar - LISU
Oats & Potato Scrub - LISU
Fairness Face Soap - LISU
Charcoal Facial Soap - LISU
Aloe Vera Facial Soap- LISU
Milk and Honey soap - Happy hearts
French pink clay soap - Happy hearts
Vanilla soap - Happy hearts
Mint and Charcoal - Happy hearts
Tongphi Aloevera Soap

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Out Of Stock

Papaya Charcoal Facial Soap - Lishi
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