And on 8th May, Secrets Cosmetics launched lipstick of 12 shades collection. Its a wonderful handcrafted range of lipstick made for women by women to enhance own's beauty. Known for its care, quality, and healthy ingredients.

Who is it for?

- For the women who seeks comfort above all trends who believes in her own beauty. Our products will only help you to bring out your beauty.

Why it's different?

- No harm on the skin, good moisturizing lotion while you can flaunt the colours you want. Creamy texture and long-lasting.

Reason for production-    After getting into the Cosmetic industry, I came to know about the amount of chemicals they use in our beauty products.  I want to use a product which is food for our skin. So I came up with a product which is Chemical free, 

Silicon free, 


No animal testing,


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Secret Cosmetics Azalea Lipstick
Secret Cosmetics Baby Pink Lipstick
Secret Cosmetics Beet Lipstick
Secret Cosmetics Clementine Lipstick

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Secret Cosmetics Lilium Lipstick
Secret Cosmetics Orchid Lipstick

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Secret Cosmetics Rose Lipstick

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