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Fermentation, salting, drying and smoking are the traditional methods of fish processing in Southeast Asia. As far as north-east India is concerned, fermentation is one of the oldest and most economical methods for preserving food. Each fermented product is associated with a unique group of microflora which increases the level of protein, vitamins, essential amino acids and fatty acids. Indigenous fermented foods contribute to a large proportion of the daily food intake in the north-eastern states of India. In Manipur, one of the seven states in north-east India, fermented foods and beverages are consumed as a regular food item. Among the many fermented foods, such as hawaijar, soibum, soidon, hentak, ziang sang and atingba, is ngari, a popular fermented fish product. Ngari is indigenous to Manipur and is also valued as a food ingredient in other states of north-east India. Fermentation is one of the oldest and most economical methods for Ngari -a traditional fish product of Manipur, India Fermented foods and beverages are popular among the people of the north-eastern states of India. Ngari, a fermented fish product made from sun-dried non-salted fish, is one such food item well liked by the people of Manipur. producing and preserving foods. In addition to preservation, fermented foods can also have the added benefits of enhancing flavour, increasing digestibility and improving nutritional and pharmaceutical value. The popularity of the product is due to its inviting flavour. The people of Manipur consume it almost every day; hardly a day passes without ngari being cooked. It is one of the most important ingredients for an oil-free food preparation known as 'eromba' and 'kangsoi' in Manipuri cuisine. It has several local names in the north-east, such as seedal, sepaa, hidal and shidal in Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland while in Manipur, it is called ngari. For preparation of ngari, a sun-dried non-salted fish, Phoubu nga (Puntius sophore) is fermented by a traditional method in the valley region of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state, and in the surrounding areas. The colour of the best quality product is dull white which gradually becomes light to deep brownish on continuous exposure to air. 

[Source Credit] Ngari - a traditional fish product of Manipur, India (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/230642003_Ngari_-_a_traditional_fish_product_of_Manipur_India 



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Sengmai Ngari Manipur Fermented Dried Fish E&G - Essentials and Grocers

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