What should Naga girls Learn to do? What is the worth of a Naga woman? What are the woes of a Naga sister? What enrages a Naga daughter? In a patriarchal Nagaland, where Naga tradition and customary law are held sacred, this collection of poems offers us the realities of Naga society, through the power of poetry, language, and imagination. Sopfünuo announces the voice of a tribal feminist offering a critical, clear and illuminating account of the interior lives of women in the state. Bringing together everyday activities like making tea, domestic abuse, alcohol induced rage, all the way to seasons, fruits, monogamy, and motherhood, the poet 'touches upon the deeply humiliating and bitter experiences of Naga women. The sheer variety and richness of language is impressive. T. Keditsu opens up new ways of engaging with gender relations in Naga society, while at the same time drawing us towards celebrating the sheer courage and beauty of Naga women.  - Dolly Kikon, University of Melbourne 

T. Keditsu's Sopfünuo is the unvarnished story of Naga women's truths told in ways our foremothers orally imparted to generations of children within permitted spaces decreed as "women's place". It is a forceful statement of the culture of silence Naga Women have been taught, trained and to which they have been threatened to conform from  birth. Most of all, this volume is an uncomfortable head-on collision with the reality of Naga society's culture of invalidating women's person-hood. All this, Keditsu conveys so effortlessly, so unambiguously, so flawlessly and with much versatility, as only a person in whose veins flows the blood of storytelling and poetry, can. This volume is powerful. It is dynamite - certainly not meant for the faint-hearted and deluded. With Sopfünuo , Keditsu has arrived as a major poet much beyond Nagaland's literary firmament. - Monalisa Changkija, Poet, Writer and Editor, Nagaland Page 

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Sopfünuo by T Keditsu

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