Seller - Pahari Roots 

Net weight - 30 gm 

Item - Black Stone Flower/ Dagad Phool

Origin - Meghalaya

About this Black Stone Flower ~

  • Ever wondered what is that mystery ingredient you can’t seem to pin your finger on that gives some Indian Dishes a distinct piquant smoky-sweet taste? Well, look no further because you are probably thinking of Black Stone Flower!
  • Our Pahari Roots’ Stone flower (Patthar Phool) commonly known as a Black stone flower, is a species of lichen used as a spice in India, that grows wildly in the lush and healthy environment of Meghalaya.
  • Carefully plucked from the barks of trees or rocks this spice has a uniquely dry, light fluffy texture to it. However, when put in contact with heat, especially cooking oil and ghee, this spice blooms and releases a distinctive earthy, smoky flavour and lovely aroma!
  • Widely used in Chettinad and Maharashtrian cuisine and a key ingredient in store-bought Garam Masala, this ingredient adds a great touch to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

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Pahari Roots Black Stone Flower Spice Chadila from Meghalaya Smoky & Sweet Flavor 30 gm

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