Zaben Murry

1) Tell us about yourself. Your background and family

--- I come from a humble background of farmers. My parents work twice as hard to provide us food, clothing and education. We are 8 siblings and I'm the 3rd of the eight siblings.

2) Tell us why you started, what you started?

 ---  At first, I started creating ideas for accessories with no penny in my pocket but full of crazy ideas in my Head. I knew I had to do what I always wanted to do, and that is designing. I started to make a pair of earring which others loved as much as I loved it and so a pair multiplied to two and three and more.

3) Tell us how you started, what you started?

 ---As mentioned, I only had ideas but no money or resource in anyhow. I was only a student eagerly waiting for my yearly scholarships. When I had saved enough money (very little actually) I bought every little thing I needed to make the accessories, though in small quantity, and started making and selling. Thus, kept the cycle of making and selling started.

4) Tell us how to you function/ operate your initiative?

 ---- Up until now I've only been functioning on a small scale completely depending on my tight pocket money.

5) What inspires you to do what you do everyday?

 ----I'm a social person and that allows me to meet many people of different aspects. All the people that I met are in some way or the other fighting their own battles yet doing what they want to do. What more inspiration would I need then to see people everywhere shouting out encouragement with everything that they do.

6) What is your aspiration or dream for your initiative.

 ----I don't dream of becoming rich but making these accessories neither do I aspire to make a mark in the world, all I want is to better myself personally and professionally and keep putting into action the creations in my head.

7) What message do you have for your costomers?

 --- if you're stylish or simple or anything in between and if you're that " oh -so- fashionable " or the "comfort comes first" kind of person or anything between, come drop by and grab some!

8) What message do you have for the youth.

 --- Be yourself Darling, don't compromise.

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