Ilandlo: Empowering Sustainable Livelihoods

Welcome to, an innovative platform dedicated to empowering sustainable livelihoods and showcasing the remarkable cultural heritage of North East India. We are deeply passionate about supporting artisans and entrepreneurs from this vibrant region, fostering economic growth opportunities while preserving the traditional crafts and way of life that define this unique corner of the world.

At, we firmly believe that every handmade creation narrates a captivating story, and every purchase possesses the power to create a positive impact. Our journey commenced with a visionary purpose—to bridge the divide between exceptionally talented artisans and discerning buyers who truly appreciate the authenticity and artistry of handcrafted products. Our goal was to establish a platform that not only showcases the incredible talent of North East India but also uplifts the lives of the artisans and communities behind these awe-inspiring creations. Through our platform, we present a meticulously curated collection of handicrafts, handloom products, food specialties, books, accessories, and more, directly sourced from local artisans and entrepreneurs. By forging direct partnerships with these gifted individuals, we ensure fair trade practices and support sustainable livelihoods. We take immense pride in empowering these artisans, enabling them to showcase their skills and generate income that sustains their families and communities. Sustainability lies at the very heart of our values. We are wholeheartedly committed to promoting eco-friendly and organic produce, demonstrating respect for the environment and the deeply ingrained traditions embedded in our food and crafts. By collaborating with artisans who utilize locally sourced materials and employ traditional techniques, we actively contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage while encouraging sustainable practices. Our journey is fueled by the remarkable stories of the artisans we serve. We celebrate their unwavering resilience, boundless creativity, and the wealth of generational knowledge that they carry within them. By choosing to purchase from, you become an integral part of their story, supporting sustainable livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage, and making a resounding positive impact in the lives of the artisans and communities of North East India. Embark on this transformative journey with us as we intricately weave together the threads of sustainable livelihoods, cultural preservation, and economic empowerment. Immerse yourself in our captivating collection, uncover the fascinating narratives behind each creation, and experience the breathtaking beauty of North East India brought to life by its exceptionally talented artisans. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for becoming a cherished part of the story.

Our Vision is to: Evolve to new and greater heights, Expand horizons, Enrich with greater value and Empower to explore boundaries