Dear Friends,

Let's make Indigenous products go global and lets make indigenous entrepreneurs successful, lets build a network of strong entrepreneurial platform and work towards building our skills and quality get highlighted in a global domain.

We at ilandlo look at sharing our resources, and experience with entrepreneurs who wants to make their own career in becoming a leader, and work together as one social enterprise. 
If you are looking for a start up and thinking to start a business of your own, and be the leader in your field, city or district. We have an entire package ready for you to kick start a business in the fast booming e-commerce world.  

Start your own business and earn your own living by holding the Franchise of in your City. Only one Entrepreneur gets to franchise the entire city and the major chunk of the profit goes to him/her from that city.

To know more about becoming our business partner mail us at with your desire to franchise in your district, and we will help you make an entrepreneur out of you.


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