Easterine Kire

Author of many inspirational books and many children books who portrays the Naga villages in her own charisma of beautiful stories. Winner of the Hindu Prize award, 2015, and the writer of the first English Novel by a Naga. 

Born in March 1959 in Nagaland with a Ph.D. degree in English literature from Pune University. Easterine Kire became the author of the first book of Naga poetry published in English in 1982 called the “Kelhoukevira” and later wrote the first novel by a Naga writer in English titled “A Naga Village remembered” in 2003. She is a renowned writer for children books and article columnist in Newspapers.

Her work on Naga history like BITTER WORMWOOD bears the harsh Genocide of the Naga villagers in the hands of the Indian Army. The stories of the many villagers who were a victim in the conflict of the Naga Nationalist and the Indian Army  

"This book is not meant to be read as a history textbook. For the purpose of reading about the history of the Naga struggle, researchers should read comprehensive books on the topic, for example, The Naga ChronicleThe Naga SagaNagaland File and Naga identities and The Naga resistance. This book is not about the leaders and heroes of the Naga struggle. It is about the ordinary people whose lives were completely overturned by the freedom struggle. Because the conflict is not more important than the people who are its victims - Easterine"

Her Books include; 

A Terrible Matriarchy by  Easterine KireA Naga Village RememberedLife on HoldMariMy book of AngelsOnce in Faraway Dorg

The Dancing Village The Log-drummer boy by Easterine KireThe Windhover CollectionThoughts after Easter by Easterine KireWhen the river sleepsNaga Folktales Retold by Easterine KireSon of the Thundercloud by Easterine KireDifferent StrokesDINKYPUForest SongJazzpoetry and other poems by Easterine KireBitter Wormwood by Easterine Kire

Don't Run, My Love By Easterine KireA study guide to A Terrible Matriarchy by Easterine Kire

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