Ethnic Necklaces

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Designers Dangle Necklace
Konyak Tribal Dangled Choker
Blue and Red Beaded Choker

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Tenyemia traditional necklace
Tribal Gaze Beaded Necklace
Blue Konyak Traditional Necklace
Colors of konyak ethnic necklace

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Blue floral beaded necklace
Tribal Orange Beaded Necklace
Naga traditional Necklace
Sumi Naga Designer Necklace
Traditional Sumi Naga Necklace
Traditional Konyak Necklace
Traditional Ao Naga Necklace
Sumi Naga Traditional Necklace
Simple Red Twist

Simple Red Twist


Konyak traditional necklace
Konyak Naga beaded necklace
Konyak Naga beaded necklace
Beaded floral and warrior design
Ao Necklace Blue/5 strands
Ao Necklace (orange)

Ao Necklace (orange)


Ao Beaded Necklace (blue)
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