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Dried Naga King Chilli Powder 10gm - Kheti Culture
Kheti Culture - Dry Axone (Fermented Soya bean) 100g
Kheti Culture - Fermented Sliced Bamboo Shoot 1kg Pack
Sumac (Tangmo) 100 gm - Kheti Culture
Sumac (Tangmo) 30 gm - Kheti Culture
Techinutsu Homemade Dry Fish Pickle

Techinutsu Homemade Dry Fish Pickle

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Techinutsu Homemade Tasu Pickle

Techinutsu Homemade Tasu Pickle

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Techinutsu- Etsuk (Bamboo shoot) Pickle 100gm
Axone Raw Fermented Soyabean Naga Delicacy
Black Beans 120 gms - Kheti Culture
Dried Oyster Mushroom 100gm - Kheti Culture
Mashed Fremented Bamboo Shoot 500gm - Uniq Crop
Naga style meat pickle 80gm - Blend Hub

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Nagaland grasshopper pickle 50gm - Kheti Culture

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Techinutsu Homemade Raja Pickle or King Chilli Pickle

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Axone Fermented Soybean Chutney - Kheti Culture
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