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  • Nagaland crafted fridge magnet- Creatif by Jung Jathy

The Nagaland Crafted Clay Fridge Magnet with Resin Coating, designed by the talented artist Jung Jathy and brought to life by Creatif, is a stunning and culturally significant piece of art that celebrates the rich heritage of Nagaland. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this clay magnet showcases traditional Naga motifs and symbols that hold deep meaning within the Naga culture. From intricate patterns to symbolic representations, every aspect of this magnet tells a story of Nagaland's vibrant traditions. To ensure its longevity and protection, a resin coating is applied, adding a glossy finish that enhances the magnet's colors and textures. Whether displayed on a refrigerator or any magnetic surface, this Nagaland crafted clay magnet serves as a beautiful reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Nagaland. It not only adds an element of artistic beauty to your space but also acts as a conversation starter, allowing you to share the captivating narratives and traditions of Nagaland with others. Embrace the spirit of Nagaland and appreciate the artistic mastery of Jung Jathy with the Nagaland Crafted Clay Fridge Magnet with Resin Coating by Creatif.

SELLER- Creatif by Jung Jathy

DIMENSION- L- 7.5 cm

SPECIFICATION- Clay, resin coating

ORIGIN- Nagaland

SHIPPING- All over India

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Nagaland crafted fridge magnet- Creatif by Jung Jathy

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