• Sentilong Ozukum's Best Seller (Four Books )

Author - Sentilong Ozukum

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1. The case of Longti Village 

When a strange writing appears mysteriously on the church walls of the otherwise quiet Longti Village, its inhabitants are perturbed by a series of inexplicable events. A raging madman, a grieving mother, an agnostic medical doctor, an exorcist and a confused pastor among many are some of the conspicuous characters who take centre stage as the plot unfolds to reveal the unexpected sinister elements at play.
Will Dr. Abha uncover the mysteries surrounding him?
The answer lies with his childhood buddy, Vikta.

2. Dreams and Chaos 

When his best friend in college and love guru confesses her love for him, Moluti's world turns upside down. Little does he know that this is just the beginning of an avalanche of upside down encounters of life changing magnitudes that he will have to wade through. 

Will our young, naively in love Moluti finally move into adulthood to find a purpose of his own? 

Journey with the protagonist Moluti as Ozukum takes you on a journey of the growing pains of adulthood, of expectations unrealised, of learning how to let go and moving on, of a love lost and found and, of second chances. In the chaos, you might just find yourself crossing paths with Moluti in the grand scheme of life.

It is Moluti's bildungsroman. It is everyone's bildungsroman.

3. Campus Blues

Meet Moluti Jamir.

He is studying literature in the only government college of the town much against the wishes of his father after failing to crack the MBBS entrance exam twice. He loathes the college education system which, according to him, encourages cramming and benefits rote learners. He is bitten by the love bug. He adores a girl in the college and is hell-bent on winning her heart with the help of his best friend whom he considers his love guru. He does not have inkling that his love guru is not so keen on helping him!


Campus Blues is an atrociously funny novel that will remind you of your first love in college

4. Sincerely Yours 

Sentilong Ozukum’s Sincerely Yours takes the readers on a magical ride across nine tales of a land and people nestled between India and Burma named Nagaland-- the land of the ancient headhunting tribes and their tryst with modernity.

Adapted into two short regional films since its release in December 2017 and a major motion picture currently under production, Sincerely Yours has opened new vistas of reinterpreting the Naga society and the hills that they inhabit in the modern world.

Across nine tales, the author pulls every string in the heart as he takes the reader on a timeless nostalgic journey of love, death and redemption that will linger long after the last page has been turned.


Sneak peek of the book! A Teaser ! Here is one of the short stories from the book called "Grandmother"

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Sentilong Ozukum's Best Seller (Four Books )

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