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Kheti Culture Processed bamboo shoot is an organic food item used largely by the Nagas. It is a delicacy for the Nagas, which is mostly used while cooking pork curry or fish curry. Pork with bamboo shoot curry is one of the famous and most served Naga dinner menu. The bamboo shoot is carefully pilled off from its outer covering, sliced and washed in clean water, then kept in storage for days to be processed while letting it's juice get collected to used as a recipe in other dishes. The shoot is then packed for marketing.  


Through different cuisines and ethnic specialty, one expresses their indigenous identity.Bamboo Shoot is one such food article shared in common among the North Eastern states like Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, and Meghalaya (to name a few).Its tangy taste, and sharp flavored edge is what makes Bamboo Shoot an outrageously unusual,yet exceptionally relished food article. It can be used in equal quantity as other food ingredients in a dish. It can also be added as a taste enhancer to different dishes which in turn enriches the flavour of the dish a hundred times over.

To make a broad distinction, there are two types of Bamboo Shoot-dried bamboo shoot and fermented bamboo shoot.

The traditional process to make dried bamboo shoot is exciting and intriguing. One simply takes the Bamboo Shoot and shreds it into very fine and thin pieces. This is then put in a bamboo basket with holes which is lined with banana leaves. After this is done, the shredded Bamboo Shoot is put into the basket and covered with the same leaves used in lining the basket. Some holes are made at the bottom of the lined basket so that the juice of the Bamboo Shoot can seep out. This is kept for some days until the Bamboo Shoot is slightly dry. After this step, one simply takes out the Bamboo Shoot and lets it out in the sun to dry properly.

Fermented bamboo shoot on the other hand is immensely effortless to prepare, and no preservatives are added. One can shred it into fine pieces or can ferment it in big chunks. The Bamboo Shoot is merely kept in big air-tight containers and left to ferment. By the 7th or 8th day, the Bamboo Shoot is already fermented and ready to be consumed. The fermented Bamboo Shoot can be kept and consumed at a stretch of a few years without losing its tangy flavor. A third way in which Bamboo Shoot is consumed is by cooking the raw Bamboo Shoot without letting it dry or ferment. It can also be preserved by pickling.

The end result of all these procedures when added to different kinds of ethnic dishes is flavor-inducing and mouth-watering. The tangy flavor of the Bamboo Shoot compliments hot and spicy dishes the most. It can be used in a multitude of ways. It can be cooked with fish, fresh meat or smoked meat, or vegetables even. One simply has to get creative with it.

Bamboo Shoot is a simple and exquisite food article enjoyed and loved by the masses. It is an indigenous delicacy that not only captures the finest brilliance of heavenly taste, but leaves us with lingering tangy goodness.  


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