• Konyak motif Sling bag (Light Green) - Ethnic Inspiration

ITEM- Sling bag  
COLORLight Green 
DESIGN: Konyak  Naga Unisex bag
MATERIAL: Cotton acylic

MEASUREMENT : 14x 11 inches (l*h)

SLING:10.8 inches

Disclaimer Design on the bag may vary color.


The Naga fabrics are woven on loin looms  (Back-Strap Technique) by Naga women for their Men folks for centuries and now its finding more popularity among tourists who visits during Hornbill Festival and other festivals all around the year. Unlike yesteryear, the bag has lost popularity in the urban areas of Nagaland, but can be seen in use in rural areas. Each Naga tribe has its distinct color combination and pattern of weave, and for those in the know, the tribe of a Naga man or woman can be ascertained by the weaves he or she wears or carries.

Among the more popular ethnic Naga sling bags are those of the Konyak Naga tribe. The Konyaks are known for their fierce headhunting days, which continued until 1960. They are widely recognized for their facial tattoos and the system of Kingship (Kings are called Anghs and they still have substantial amount of influence over the community). Konyak women also play a key role, and are mostly involved in household chores and agriculture. 

Popular among Konyak weaves  is the Anghya Nyekok, literally meaning Queen’s Bag. The particular design used in the making of the Anghya Nyekokcould be used only by the women in the Angh’s family or the royalty. In Naga culture, certain weaves are restricted to be worn by men or women of some achievement or standing in the society.  Making of Anghya Nyekoki s unique in that, the designs that have evolved over the craft’s history have articulated under their own genius. The chevron motifs in the bags are inserted with  supplementary weft using a technique akin to rug making on the loin loom. Today there are no such restrictions in the use of the Anghya Nyekok. The attractive ethnic bags are now woven and can be used by anybody. They now generate commerce for women weavers in Mon district, the land of the Konyaks. 

For visitors to the land of the Nagas, the Naga sling bag is a must-have for its unique design, colors besides the utility quotient. It’s something you can carry home your memories of the Naga people.

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Konyak motif Sling bag (Light Green) - Ethnic Inspiration

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