Imtijungla Longchar is a teacher, author, well-known preacher and a resource person for youth, women and family Seminars. She and her husband S. Wati Associate Professor, Discipleship Bible College are the parents of Imliakum and Imosanen.

This book will be the source of inspiration for women. You will catch the richness of spirit and serenity.

The Author is not bragging about big money, immense investments, lands, collection of jewellery or vast property holdings but she talks about God's outpouring of spiritual wealth.

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Imtijungla Longchar
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Here we find a very rich woman who uses her time wisely, who richly provides for the growing needs of her family, and who continually seeks to build her spiritual resources. Matthew Henry, the famous biblical commentator linked the portrait of this virtuous woman to a mirror in which all women can examine themselves, though few will find their likeness. But the woman who looks in the mirror of this woman will catch something of the richness of spirit and serenity. She is the ultimate role model after whom any woman in any era or culture can pattern her life if she desires to love according tot he principles of wisdom and the fear of Yahweh. She has been a source of inspiration for women for thousands of years and her ideals are as faithfully applicable to this generation. This noble woman presents an image of superior achievement in every area of life. Proverbs 31:10-31 elevates womanhood to a position of supreme honor.The concept of this book sprang up from the noble woman of Proverbs 31:10-31. I find that this woman is literature's most perfect picture of the ideal woman. Her chastity, her charity, her diligence, her efficiency, her earnestness, her love for her husband and children, even her business foresight are brilliantly illuminated in words that rise up majestically from the passage. In fact neither the possession of great wealth nor the lack of it excludes one from emulating the qualities of this outstanding woman.

I've taken the contents from Proverbs 31:10-31. But in every topic I've brought one biblical model of a woman. All the woman in the Bible are awesome but I"d selected Jochebed, Rachel and Leah, Esther, Ruth, Queen Sheba, the Shunammite woman, Mary the Mother of Jesus etc. While attempting to re-create these women, so that they might be seen as real women. I tried to understand and interpret the spiritual experiences, their faith and their relationship with God. In all these models I find tremendous richness.

While I've chosen the title of the book as "The Richest Woman" I'm not bragging about big money, immense investments, lands, collection of jewelry or vast property holdings but I talk about God's outpouring of spiritual wealth. This book will inspire women to fear the Lord; it will inspire all the other readers to praise godly women.

Right now you may be convinced that you are destitute and very poor, but in reality you are rich. I want to speak to you through this book that you are "The Richest Woman" because you are God's woman with an immense inheritance. 

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The Richest Woman by Imtijungla Longchar

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