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The ink is never pale in This Is How We Disappear, and neither are the memories. Emisenla traifics beautifully, in the liminal spaces between past and present, imagination and memory. While any meditation on memory may by nature be abstract, the explorations in these poems are driven by pressing emotional concerns: death and grief, love and the costs of loving, the art we make and leave in our wake - and ultimately, perhaps the most pressing question of all: what memories will we leave behind?

Dr. Kevileno Sakhrie

About the author

Emisenla Jamir is a writer and educator from Kohima, Nagaland. Her first collection of poems, Loneliness is an Orange, was published by Barkweaver in 2018. Her short stories have also been published in the Zubaan anthology, The Many That I Am (2019).

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This is how we disappear- Emisenla Jamir

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